About Us

Keepstar is a dynamic enterprise providing you with a wide range of services and products including a high quality car hire service. Working with us will allows you to experience a valuable you time on your visit to Zimbabwe. More we have staff dedicated at providing you with a bespoke service that allows you to travel so easily in and around Zimbabwe. Planning your journey gives you good insight into how you can safely tour in and around Zimbabwe.

Keepstar is a registered and accredited organisation that provides services in and around Zimbabwe. We have a wide range of vehicles that make it easier for our customer to choose a suitable vehicle to travel in urban area as well in the country side. The price of fuel in Zimbabwe is fairly reasonable priced and or vehicles are regularly serviced to ensure that all our customers have a safe journey. All our customers have noticed that our vehicles are well serviced and they have very low fuel consumption.

We are there to support local bussiness in procument of imported goods into SADC; we have vast experince in  sourcing and supplying a wide range of product to organisations, private companies, Hospitals, Schools, Farms, Mines etc. Through tremendous leadership and the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, keepstar is aiming to build the largest car rental brand in Southern Africa  and beyond. We are not only building the biggest enterprise but we also aim to be focused on community improvement, health, education and environmental services.

Our aim is to be known for exceptionally low rates and outstanding customer service tailored to meet your needs as well as providing community services too. We do value your feedback and we aim to build an excellent reputation based on your suggestions. Our values are trust, integrity, respect and team work.