Terms & Conditions

You must hold and produce a driving licence valid in the country where the rental takes place. The driving licence must have been issued by authorised authorities at least 12 months before the date of the commencement of the rental. In addition to the normal driving licence, an international driving licence is also mandatory if the driving licence is written in a language different to the one of the renting country and/or in characters that cannot be read in the renting country. Please note that the international driving licence is valid only if accompanied by the normal driving licence.
When the rental is made outside your country of residence you must also present a valid identity card or a valid passport. Usage booking policies
1. Booking is secured with a minimum of $200 booking fee.
2. Every car comes with cumulative 100 km usage a day and thereafter excess mileage is charged at 45cents per excess kilometre.
3. Optional Insurance $30.
4. The car is to be driven only by the driver renting the car and whose license is on record. There will be a $100 penalty fee deductible from security deposit charged if the client is found in violation of this rule. Renter is responsible for all associated, tickets, fines, and fees. Renter must not use the vehicle to push or tow another vehicle or use the Vehicle for any race or competition.
5. If you choose to add a driver to your contract, there is a one-time additional fee of $25 for each additional driver.
6. The car must be returned clean and in the original state it was rented out in. Any damages to the car will be compensated for by with-holding the relevant cost from security deposit. In addition, any car returned dirty in a filthy state or showing signs of negligent care will be subject to a $50 deduction from the security deposit for valeting fees.
7. Renter is hereby responsible for all collision damage to the vehicle regardless if someone else is at fault or the cause is not known. The Car Renter is fully responsible for the cost of any repair up to the value of the vehicle.
8. There will be additional fees due if the vehicle is not returned as specified above.